Editing a part with OnShape

Step 1 – Open the spreadsheet

If you are creating a part from scratch, skip to step 4

Step 2 – Import Downloaded .step File,

Step 3 – Import Into a single document

Step 4 – Open document

Step 5 – Select Document Properties

Step 6 – Enter Product name + part number, Carriage return and URL for the product, then select Update

Step 7 Select all the geometry (click on first, shift click on last)

Step 8- Hide them

Step 9 – Click on the CAD/Step Inputs folder

Step 10 – Rename the step file

Step 11 to STEP

Step 12 – Click on the HOME icon to get out of the CAD Imports folder

Step 13 – Click on the part and select Properties

Step 14 – Fill in the name (with the part number), Description and part Number

Step 15 – Scroll down and fill in the vendor, then click SAVE

Step 16 – Click on Assign Material for the part

Step 17 – Find the appropriate material and then click the green check box.

Step 18 – Click on Edit appearance for the part

Step 19 – Assign the color appropriate for the material and click the green checkbox.  Note that if you are dealing with a black part, don’t use the Black in the upper left corner, but a hex #404040 works better so that you can visually see it.

Step 20 – Click on the tab on for the part and rename it

Step 21 Paste the name with the part number

Step 22 – Select Rename Document

Step 23- And also paste in the name with the part number

Step 24 – Click on the tab and select it as the document thumbnail

Step 25 – Click on the create version icon at the top.

Step 26 – Just click on Create and you are done.