Part Status

We maintain a Google Sheets document of the various vendors showing the status of each part and the organization of the parts tree.  These documents are generally created by hand by manually walking through the individual vendors web site and entering the data into the spreadsheet.  In the case of ServoCity (which has over 5000 parts), RevRobotics and GoBilda (1600 Parts), we wrote a custom spider in Go which traversed the website, parsed the pages (and sometimes the internal JavaScript) to generate the full list.  The list from Pitsco was kindly provided by Pitsco.  For AndyMark we started with their posted libraries and then worked with their support team to get a proper list of all the parts and the categories that they belong in.  If you are interested in modifying the spider to parse the data from the other vendors website, just send an email to  You can find the source code for the spider at

For any parts status sheet, we use colors to indicate the status.  The color is automatically updated when you change the value in the status column.

  • No color (white) indicates a part that is known but hasn’t been tackled yet.  The model may or may not have been loaded into the right place in Onshape.
  • Yellow indicates the part is known but there was no model on the vendor web site.
  • Green 2 indicates the part has been completely validated and made public.
  • Bright Green indicates the part has been completed but hasn’t been validated and made public.
  • Light Red 3 indicates a link to another place and the part or section won’t appear in the Onshape tree at that place.
  • Any other color indicates that someone is working on that part.



Rev Robotics


Andy Mark