Introduction to the FTC Parts Library

FTC Team 2901 – Purple Gears from Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh NC has put together a library of parts from ServoCity, GoBilda, Pitsco, AndyMark, and RevRobotics that can be readily put into a document for building your robot.

The parts library is organized in folders which largely reflect the organization on the individual providers website.  Each part is in a separate document and the parts have links back to the website along with the proper part numbers so that they appear correctly in the BOM for any models created.

Getting Access

All of the parts are public and can be searched but for the best access to the library, send email to to and you will be added to the folder so that it appears in your My Onshape folders.

Finding Parts

You can search for parts by part number, name or by traversing the organization in the folders.  One exception is that sometimes vendors link to the part from two different places.  In this case, we generally use the place that the part page indicates it belongs on.  For example, on the ServoCity web site, if you go to the Motion Components > Linear Motion ( and click on Tube Rollers, you are instead taken to Shafting & Tubing > Tube Rollers and all the parts under there will appear in the Shafting & Tubing section instead of the Motion Components section.

Some of the parts are configurable such as gears and channels so that you can either find the fully resolved single part or a configurable part so that you can change it in your model without having to replace the part.

You can see an example of inserting a Part at


  • Chris Peratrovich, Sean Greene and John Toebes, Coaches FTC Team #2901 – Purple Gears and John Toebes, built the initial library
  • Jeff Reed, Coach FTC Team #12828 – Critical Overload did much of the GoBilda tree
  • Dave Cook, Coach FTC Team #16250 – Infinitely Prolonged and FTC Team #17585 – Currently Unnamed worked on many Actobotics parts
  • A friend (former FIRST Engineering Technology Specialist) for providing countless models of parts that don’t exist on the ServoCity website
  • Tim Lankford at Pitsco provided the organization and download of the Pitsco parts for the library

Any questions?

Just send email to