Creating the first configured part from a template part

Step 1 – Open the spreadsheet to find the section where the first part will be created.  This will tell you where to navigate in the OnShape folders.  Take advantage of the time to select the Combined Name/URL of the first part to create and copy it.

Step 2 – In OnShape find the folder which has the template part.  Remember how you got here because you will have to navigate to it later.

Step 3 – Click on the folder which will hold the configured parts

Step 4 – Since this is the first configured part, the folder should be empty.

Step 5 – Select Create … Document to create the document for the part

Step 6 – Paste in the combined name/URL you copied in the first step

Step 7 – Then shift select the URL portion

Step 8 – And press delete leaving you with only the name portion

Step 9 – Click OK to get the new document created

Step 10 – Select Document Properties

Step 11 – And paste in the combined part name/URL

Step 12 – Find the tab before the URL and select it.

Step 13 – Press return to change the tab to a carriage return

Step 14 – And then select the name portion.  In general you should be able to press up arrow and shift-right arrow to select the line.  Copy the name portionn

Step 15 – For the Part Studio, select “Select as document thumbnail”

Step 16 – Then also select Rename

Step 17 – And paste in the combined name

Step 18 – Right click on the Assembly1 tab and select Delete

Step 19 – Click on the Origin in the features

Step 20 – Shift click on the Right plane and right click to select Hide

Step 21 – To insert the part, click on the derived icon.  It looks like a pair of steps with a curved arrow pointing at the bottom step

Step 22 – The Derived dialog will come up

Step 23 – Click on Other documents

Step 24 – And navigate to where the template document is and click on it

Step 25 – You should see the configurable part with one or more dropdowns corresponding to the configuration options.

Step 26 –  Select the correct options for the part.  In this case it is 36 teeth and a face thickness of ⅛”

Step 27 – Click on generate

Step 28 – Eventually the green check will turn bright green so that you can click on it.

Step 29 – Once the arrow has turned green, you can click on it even through it may still be saying “Generating Preview”

Step 30 – Once you click, the part should appear in the main window.

Step 31 – Press shift-7 to switch to the nice isometric view

Step 32 – And rename the Derived part to something more meaningful.

Step 33 – In this case, we called it Gear.  This name should be pretty generic but indicate what the derived part is.  You don’t want to call it specific to the part (36 Tooth) because you will be copying this template to other parts.

Step 34 – Click on Create Version

Step 34 – And accept whatever version it gives you by clicking Create.  Typically this will be V1.