Creating a part from a configurable part

Step 1 – Open the spreadsheet to find the location of the part you are working from

Step 2 – Navigate to the location and open the first document

Step 3 – Switch to the spreadsheet and find the next part to work on.

Note that if you have the spreadsheet and OnShape in the same browser window, Control-Tab usually switches between the tabs (assuming there are no other tabs open).  Alt-Tab will switch between windows.

Step 4 – Select the Combined name and the URL of the one you are going to create and copy it.

If you had just switched from doing a previous one, you can press down arrow and Shift-Right arrow to select them both, then hit Ctrl-C to copy

Step 5 – Switch back to the previous OnShape document and select Copy Workspace

Step 6 – Paste in the combined name and URL

Step 7 – Then Shift select the URL (your paste cursor should have been at the end) so you can delete it.

Step 8 – This leaves you with just the name for the new document.

Step 9 – Click OK and the new document will be created.

Step 10 – Select Document properties

Note you can do this while the rest of the document is loading.

Step 11 – And paste in the Combined name/URL

Step 12 – Since it is separated by a tab, find the tab at the end of the name and select it.

Step 13 – Hit return to change it to a carriage return

Step 14 – Then select just the name portion of the document.  Typically you can just do an up arrow and shift right arrow to select to the end of the line.

Step 15 – Copy it and then select update.  If you hit the tab key twice, it will highlight Update and you can just press enter.

Step 16 – Right click on the tab at the bottom and select “Select as document thumbnail”

Step 17 – Also right click and rename the part tab at the bottom of the page.

Step 18 – Paste in the name that you copied when you were doing the document properties.  Note that if you happened to have lost your paste buffer, you can select document properties again to find it and copy it.

Step 19 – Right click on the configurable part and select edit.  You can also double click to enter edit mode.

Step 20 – In the configuration drop down, change the configuration items to match the new part.  In this case we are just changing the number of teeth

Step 21 – After you have the selections, a generate button should appear.

Step 22 – Click Generate. Note that you don’t have to wait for the generation to complete before proceeding to the next step.

Step 23 – And then click the green check box for the dialog.  Note that you don’t have to wait for the generation to complete before clicking the green check box.

Step 24 – After you have clicked OK, you should see the new part generated.

Step 25 – Press Shift-7 to switch to the nice isometric view

Step 26 –  Then click on Create Version

Step 27 – Accept whatever version number it gives you (in general it should be V1)

Step 28 – Click on Create and you are done.  You can repeat these steps for all remaining parts to generate.

In summary the major steps are 

  • Copy Workspace 
  • Update Document Properties
  • Select Document as thumbnail
  • Rename part Tab 
  • Edit Configurable part properties
  • Shift-7 for Isometric View 
  • Create New Version